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or bed′-wet`ting,

urinating in bed during sleep, esp. habitually; enuresis.
bed′wet`ter, n.
énurésie nocturne


bed-wetting [ˈbɛdwɛtɪŋ] nincontinence f nocturne
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The occasion also saw the launch of two campaigns to raise awareness about bedwetting and oto-acoustic emissions (OAE) screening for early detection of inner ear abnormalities and hearing disability.
The man said he was sexually abused by a nun and another member of staff, He added that he was beaten for bedwetting and not eating his food at Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark.
RESEARCH on bedwetting has revealed a third of young pupils regularly experience the problem.
BEDWETTING is something parents normally expect to deal with in pre-school children and something that they will hopefully grow out of, but it is actually more common than you might imagine among older youngsters.
6 BEDWETTING runs in families; if a child has one parent who wet the bed, there is a 40% chance the child will too, if two parents wet the bed, the chance rises to 70%.
There seems to be less stigma surrounding this issue than there used to be, and some evidence that this may be the case include an increase in the variety of brands and styles of incontinence garments currently available to deal with bedwetting and other forms of incontinence, as well as an increase in the number of companies selling adult diapers, particularly online.
In It's Not Your Fault: Strategies for Solving Toilet Training and Bedwetting Problems, Barone maintains that the approach parents take does not matter.
A systematic review including 4 case-control and 3 cohort studies of the impact of nocturnal enuresis on children and young people found that bedwetting was often, but not always, associated with lower self-esteem scores (or scores for symptoms similar to lower self-esteem) on standardized questionnaires.
GoodNites TRU-FIT is real, cotton-blend underwear with disposable, absorbent inserts that washes and feels like regular underwear to provide outstanding nighttime protection for children who suffer from enuresis, more commonly known as bedwetting.
org - the website for healthcare professionals (HCPs), is a new online Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity on the topic of Bedwetting.