Bee line

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Bee´ line`

1.The shortest line from one place to another, like that of a bee to its hive when loaded with honey; an air line.
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" 'A good glass in the bishop's hostel in the devil's seat forty-one degrees and thirteen minutes northeast and by north main branch seventh limb east side shoot from the left eye of the death's-head a bee line from the tree through the shot fifty feet out.' "
He's making a bee line across the open country toward this tower.
These wild beasts make a bee line from dark, forsaken streets and hound a single man or woman when they spot any one on the way to home after alighting from a wagon or bus, told a tandoor wala along side AQ Khan road Khanna Pur.
$1.75 | One-way fare for the Bee Line Ferr, which transported cars and passengers from Pinellas Point to north Bradenton from 1924 until the Sunshine Skyway was built in 1954;
"Bees will be another big part of the garden and our Bee Line project will educate people on their benefits to the environment."
Bee Line spokesman Alan Gribbin added: "The bus was attacked in Lisburn on Saturday.
Bee Line Natural Skin Products Trunk Show Meet Susan Lanphear, creator of Bee Line Skin Care, 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Back in 1934, when Bee Line first began advertising coach trips, Alice started organising outings on the basis that the organiser rides free.
has completed its 57-mile, 20-inch Bee Line pipeline that will transport liquids rich gas from the central Eagle Ford Shale to Southcross' Woodsboro and Bonnie View processing and fractionation complex in Refurio County.
The property is also within walking and biking distance to the southern hub of Westchester County's Bee Line bus system, which encompasses over 80 route miles throughout Westchester County and is minutes from the region's comprehensive highway system.
He explained that he had been dreaming of robbers, thieves, etc., and in order to escape from his imaginary pursuers, he had taken a bee line through his bedroom window onto the roof of the verandah from whence he caromed to the street a distance of ten or twelve feet.
And for relaxed, dress down days make a bee line for their knitwear.