Bee garden

a garden or inclosure to set beehives in ; an apiary.

See also: Bee

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The company is also in the process of opening a 100,000-square feet bee garden, factory, and tourist centre in Hatta.
Earlier this year Colmore BID and Urban Buzz installed a bee garden on the roof of the nearby 2 Colmore Square office building to help the creatures as they travel across the city.
With the help of gardener Philippa Hodkinson during the last four years, new beds and a final planting plan are in place, including a perfume garden and a butterfly and bee garden.
At the Bee Garden you won't be stung watching a qg quarter of a million honey bees going about their work, through larca fl In Dlo le of Bad [euro]1 tic ch large windows.
The attraction already has a bee garden, which is home to more than 250,000 bees, and where visitors can learn about which plants to grow in their own gardens to attract pollinators.
The event, Ysbrydoliath yr Ifanc" (Inspiration of Youth) will give a platform to young singers and musicians, with preconcert drinks using ingredients sourced from Henllan Bee Garden.
The programmes," Leni explains, "have been designed to offer an all-inclusive educational experience for students throughout the academic year, with regular activities, presentations, planting activities, the maintenance of a bee garden and the opportunity to adopt a beehive.
She added that she is now considering starting a bee garden with her family.
Sunnyside Academy in Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, had green-fingered pupil Daisy Bartram to thank for their new state-ofthe-art greenhouse after the nine-year-old won first place in a competition to design a bee garden.
And I have some solar-powered bumble bee garden lights I've draped aound a fence.
Ayers, who has had a 60-year interest in entomology, says the secret of a successful bee garden is a wide variety of plants that allows for blooms from early spring through summer into the fall.
His topics include the potential impact, not the cell phones, not mites or a virus, the French answer, America in the dark, civilization collapse disorder, the farmer solution, organic golf, planting a bee garden, and plan bee.