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 (bē′chəm), Sir Thomas 1879-1961.
British conductor who founded the London Philharmonic (1932) and the Royal Philharmonic (1946) orchestras and helped popularize the works of Frederick Delius.


(Biography) Sir Thomas. 1879–1961, English conductor who did much to promote the works of Delius, Sibelius, and Richard Strauss


(ˈbi tʃəm)

Sir Thomas, 1879–1961, English conductor.
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Beecham had and Peg stole it when he died, but Uncle Roger says he wouldn't trust himself with Peg's skull for anything.
FORMER Newcastle Council leader Jeremy Beecham - now Lord Beecham - was in poetic mood when he spoke in the House of Lords.
FIFTY years ago today, on May 11, 1967, Jeremy Beecham won his first seat in local politics when he claimed the Benwell ward for Labour.
Former chief superintendent Michael Cloherty had been accused of falsifying his pocket notebook to cover his back after arresting Jack Beecham for assaulting an officer, in Wirral, in 2010.
Beecham Research is the Knowledge Partner for the Digital Catapult Open-LPWAN initiative.
Labour peer and Shadow Justice Minister Jeremy Beecham is putting forward a motion of regret in the Lords on Wednesday after the new court charges were pushed through in April.
Classical Beecham Collection "Live Recordings" Beecham / RPO / BBC SO (SOMM SOMM-BEECHAM 32) Sir Thomas Beecham may now be most fondly remembered as a passionate advocate, and unmatched interpreter, of Delius.
Nerissa Williams, 48, of Yr Hen Ysgol, Trecynon, took pictures of the sex ordeal by "dangerous paedophile" Neil Beecham on the girl.
He added: "She was raped by Beecham, aided and abetted by Williams, who took photos.
Cardiff Crown Court heard Beecham had thousands of child abuse images on his computers.
Sir Thomas Beecham was one of the most flamboyant and popular British conductors of the 20th century, famous for his wealthy background (he was the heir to the Beecham Pills fortune), his wit and the women in his life.
exclaimed Thomas Beecham, as he prepared to bring in his orchestra at the start of a concert.