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n.1.A trumpet.
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BEEM was conceived with semiconductor devices in mind.
The BEEM technique helps overcome this limitation by injecting a highly localized electron tunnel current into a semiconductor device structure with an STM.
At least three terminals are required for a BEEM measurement: one third at the tip, a second at the metal layer contact, and a third at the semiconductor substrate.
Although BEEM can be performed in air, ultrahigh vacuum is still often preferred, especially when the objective is to correlate surface and interface features.
BEEM is in a stage of development comparable to STM seven or eight years ago.
The BEEM concept is based on the fact that while most of the electrons injected into the STM tip stop at a sample's surface, some electrons penetrate the surface as much as several hundred angstroms.
Interest in and use of BEEM took place rapidly," Bell says.
Bell says the BEEM method might help researchers understand other device complexities, such as the low efficiencies of infrared detectors and metal base transistors.
Kaiser now is working with another JPL group in adapting BEEM for other uses.
MeshScape allows BEEMS to be installed in new or old construction at a minimal cost--no network cables are needed.
BEEMS has already proven its ability to quickly pinpoint trouble spots even before problems become visibly evident.