n.1.A house where malt liquors are sold; an alehouse.
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I immensely enjoyed the grand launch of LUMU Beerhouse (Greenbelt 3), owned by chef Luigi Muhlach.
Port Street Beerhouse, also in the Northern Quarter, said they discovered last month burglars 'messed' with the pub alarm system.
THE WONDROUS MACHINE - St Patrick's Cathedral SUMMERFEST 2016 - Beerhouse
The three-storey building was first converted into a beerhouse in 1862, but major renovation works led to a collapse and the building was completely rebuilt by Architect James Cackett and reopened in 1899.
SOME time ago, a kindly reader sent me a photocopy of part of a little guide to Cardiff which was placed before the delegates, the officers and committee of the Cardiff Licensed Victuallers' Association in 1898 and which contained the potted biographies of a number of the Cardiff licensed victuallers and beerhouse keepers of the town.
By contrast, beerhouse keepers were not allowed to sell spirits.
Individuals could be convinced not to commit adultery, not to work on interest or not to walk into a beerhouse but nation states are not so easily "convertible.
occupies or keeps any lodging-house beerhouse, public house, or other place where exciseable liquors are sold, or place of public entertainment or public resort, and knowingly lodges or harbours thieves or reputed thieves, or knowingly permits or suffers them to meet or assemble therein .
The company is invested in Plastic Packaging, Cymot, Democratic Media Holdings, Nashua Namibia, Walvis Bay Stevedoring and the Joe's Beerhouse property.
So Inn Liverpool is another example of a modern beerhouse, a new-school take on the pub, of a kind that's already common in other cities.
WORCESTER - Armsby Abbey on Main Street has been open for less than four years, but the craft beerhouse has made its mark in Worcester.
Ostermayr hit Schressl in the face with a tankard, but one hour later had one of his own teeth knocked out by the butcher in the lounge of the beerhouse.