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Adj.1.Beethovenian - of or relating to Ludwig van Beethoven or his musicBeethovenian - of or relating to Ludwig van Beethoven or his music
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But in true Beethovenian fashion, he devised something on a far greater scale.
Where Dahlhaus is obsessed by the failure of most symphonies to live up to the Beethovenian sublime, Brodbeck points out that Schubert's Ninth, with its "epic-lyrical" qualities, might well be the "new norm" that Schumann and others drew on (pp.
It has much dignity and gravitas, which suited the Jubilee's style but they did allow a hint of gruff Beethovenian humour towards the end.
have been replaced by certain Beethovenian themes".
Even the one thunderstorm was of a sufficiently Beethovenian scale to put the average local downpour to shame.
The tensions swelled in nifty, escalating tautness - relieved blessedly with those familiar Beethovenian gunshot chords.
In its combination of rhythmic acuity, constant awareness of structural direction, crystalline clarity of chording, embellishments and trills, and in its just balance of intellect and passion, Biss's performance recalled the Beethovenian integrity and enlightenment of the great Rudolf Serkin, all newly minted in Biss's youth.
We may have conceived it in a very Beethovenian way, yet that's how we perceive it.
This is a composition of sustained Beethovenian growth from tiny cells easily identifiable in the memory, and its manipulation of texture reminds one also of that great Beethoven admirer, Tippett.
Schubert picked up on Beethovenian minor key dramatics in his Impromptu no.
While Ashkenazy's credentials as a Beethovenian are firmly established, both as pianist and conductor, as seen in the crisp and virile performance of Beethoven's overture, The Creatures of Prometheus, that opened the concert, his Mahler was an unknown quantity.