n.1.A beef; a beef creature.
They would knock down the first beeve they met with.
- W. Irving.
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The beeves are of several kinds; one sort they have without horns, which are of no other use than to carry burthens, and serve instead of mules.
There are scant crops and few beeves in the borderland, where a man must reap his grain with sickle in one fist and brown bill in the other.
Qualitative researchers beeve in multiple, constructed social realities, interactional relaonships between researchers and respondents, and the futity of nomothetic, decontextualized generalizations.
Jerald Beeve, a staff physician at Glendale Adventist Medical Center, assisted Stout in the procedure.
Always towards the head of affairs the eight-year-old, under Keith Donoghue, was settled just off the pace-setting Beeves and was always going well.
In 1770, Newcastle was said to be "provided with all kinds of provision from the very plentiful markets of the town, here being used annually above 5,000 beeves, 10,000 calves, 143,000 sheep and lambs, with swine, fish, poultry, eggs, butter in a prodigious abundance".
Brilliant though he was, Plato could not have conceived of a Keanu Beeves.
Perth Michael Robson BEEVES put up the performance of his life and advertised the skills of his trainer as he pounced on a faltering rival in a dramatic finale to the PS30,000 Perth Gold Cup.
BEEVES has been in excellent form this spring and is fancied to complete his hat-trick in the Horizon Parking City Of Perth Gold Cup.
As Shylock explains, in terms of its market value, "A pound of a man's flesh, taken from a man, / Is not so estimable, profitable neither, / As flesh of muttons, beeves or goats" (1.
This bylaw required that butchers, "after killing any Beeves, Calves, Sheep, Hogs or other Cattle shall destroy the offals, Garbage and other offensive and useless parts thereof or convey the same into some place where the same shall not be injurious or offensive to the Inhabitants.
Among the dangers to Lord Brendy are Donald McCain's Beeves and bottom-weight Buddy Love for Nigel and Sam Twiston-Davies.