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A school of psychology that confines itself to the study of observable and quantifiable aspects of behavior and excludes subjective phenomena, such as emotions or motives.

be·hav′ior·ist n.
be·hav′ior·is′tic adj.


(bɪˈheɪv yəˌrɪz əm)

the theory or doctrine that human or animal psychology can be accurately studied only through the examination and analysis of objectively observable and quantifiable behavioral events.
be•hav′ior•ist, n., adj.
be•hav`ior•is′tic, adj.
be•hav`ior•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


the theory or doctrine that observed behavior provides the only valid data of psychology. — behaviorist, n., adj. — behavioristic, adj.
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A school of psychology that places great importance on learned behavior and conditioned reflexes.
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Noun1.behaviorism - an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behaviorbehaviorism - an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior
experimental psychology, psychonomics - the branch of psychology that uses experimental methods to study psychological issues
reflexology - the study of reflex action as it relates to the behavior of organisms
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com)-- TotalABA, with its Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) software for helping people with autism spectrum disorders, enhances its management team, naming two key executives.
Contract Awarded for High throughput monitoring and behavioral analysis system for zebrafish
PeopleKeys, a world leader in DISC Behavioral Analysis, has been publishing DISC tools for over 30 years.
These include a global device reputation database, device and environmental analysis, behavioral analysis and biometrics, and clientless malware detection.
Behavioral analysis systems have been unjustifiably unnoticed past few years.
Like many parents of children with autism, Braulio De La Cruz sought an expensive therapy called applied behavioral analysis - or ABA - when his son Noah Leonardo was diagnosed last year.
Chapters address the conceptual background, including pain as a clinical problem, psychogenic pain, the acquisition of operant pain, and techniques of behavioral analysis and behavioral change; the evaluation of pain, including treatment goals and patient selection; and treatment, with discussion of patient and spouse orientation, managing medications, exercise and activity, distorted gait, attention and social responsiveness, and generalization and the maintenance of performance.
Each can submit evaluations and reports to the Washington State Health Care Authority and private insurers to request Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy.
He will also help shape Mattersight's long-term strategy to capture the significant opportunities to use personality and behavioral analysis to improve the ways people work and live.
Law enforcement officials who specialize in behavioral analysis say the motives of gunmen vary but many have a real, or perceived, personally held grievance that they feel mandates an act of violence.
Presenting the Scientific Translation Award awards at a sepcial ceremony in Seattle Prof Michael Dougher, president of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Analysis (SABA) said: The Society is proud to recognise the achievements of the Food Dudes Programme in improving the diets of children internationally.
The most scientifically supported approaches lie within the umbrella of applied behavioral analysis (ABA), and the author examines their effectiveness in two settings: the Early Start Denver Model and the use of Pivotal Response Treatments.

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