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Boehmenism, Behmenism

the mystical teachings of Jakob Boehme (1575-1624), an influence on George Fox and Quakerism. — Boehmenist, Boehmist, Boehmenite, n.
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Noun1.Behmenism - the mystical theological doctrine of Jakob Boehme that influenced the QuakersBehmenism - the mystical theological doctrine of Jakob Boehme that influenced the Quakers
theological doctrine - the doctrine of a religious group
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So, for example, the first chapter delivers a synchronic overview of that world through sections on Moravianism, Behmenism, antinomianism, enthusiasm, and so on; while the second chapter develops a diachronic perspective showing the complex traditions of antinomianism and enthusiasm that thread back to Civil War radical dissenters such as the Ranters.
This lucid writing is, however, in sharp contrast to mind-numbing sentences such as, `Although many historians tend to subsume the whole occult philosophy under the catch-all title of "Neoplatonism", the Northern tradition (and Behmenism in particular) tends not to be Neoplatonic in according ontological primacy to the divine will rather than the divine intellect' (5).
Murray could not affirm future punishment of any duration and had little sympathy for Winchester's interest in Behmenism. For his part, Winchester could not affirm any version of universalism that seemed to take the edge off of evangelism.