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(ˈbɛər mən)

S(amuel) N(athan), 1893–1973, U.S. playwright.
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3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Behrman Capital ("Behrman"), a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco, today announced that it has sold Selig Sealing Holdings ("Selig") to CC Industries, Inc.
Leading IA Lawyers Edward Schorr, Andrew Behrman Join Firm's Global Network
In this second edition, Behrman (speech communication, Iona College) offers a new organization of introductory chapters, plus study questions, review questions, group activities, and recommended web sites, along with advice on study techniques.
The final night of the three-part summer performance series "Benchley, Behrman & Bishop" will be at 6:30 Aug.
Based upon Jonathan Sarna and Jonathan Krasner's exhaustive two-volume compendium "The History of the Jewish People", Gila Gevirtz and the Behrman House publishing company have produced "Jewish History: The Big Picture", a 288-page compendium of succinctly presented Jewish history replete with anecdotal facts and stories showcasing the diversity of events and elements of Judaism ranging from the resurrection of Hebrew as a living language, to the celebration of Passover on an American civil war battlefield, to the Jewish roots of Christianity, to Jewish communities around the world and down through the millennia.
Behrman, a specialist in the treatment of voice disorders, has teamed up with Haskell, a speech pathologist, to edit this volume of effective voice therapy exercises from 28 leading authorities in the field.
Behrman have joined forces with Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP as of January 1,2008.
and they're not as good as we had hoped," Office of Medical Policy Deputy Director Rachel Behrman said recently.
One idea: Behrman bought 300 shares of Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc.
This joint effort establishes a learning environment where students can experience success, demonstrate competence, and ultimately grow socially by invoking their problem-solving skills in real-life situations (Jones, Dohrn, and Dunn, 2004; Behrman, 1987).
Behrman Capital announces the acquisition of Pelican Products Inc.
Has Slept Through the Global AIDS Pandemic, the Greatest Humanitarian Catastrophe of Our Time by Greg Behrman, Free Press May 2004, $25.