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 (bī′dər-bĕk′), Leon Bismark Known as "Bix." 1903-1931.
American jazz composer and musician. A self-taught pianist and cornet player, he was the first white musician to be recognized by African-American musicians as a luminary of the jazz world.


(Biography) Leon Bismarcke, known as Bix. 1903–31, US jazz cornettist, composer, and pianist


(ˈbaɪ dərˌbɛk)

Leon Bismarck ( “Bix” ), 1903–31, U.S. jazz cornetist.
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1931: Bix Beiderbecke, legendary jazz trumpeter, died aged 28 from a combination of pneumonia and alcoholism.
1931: Bix Beiderbecke, legendary jazz trumpeter, died, aged 28, from a combination of pneumonia and alcoholism.
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