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Noun1.Belamcanda - a monocotyledonous genus of the family IridaceaeBelamcanda - a monocotyledonous genus of the family Iridaceae
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
family Iridaceae, Iridaceae, iris family - large family of usually perennial geophytic herbs with rhizomes or corms or bulbs
Belamcanda chinensis, blackberry-lily, leopard lily - garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberry
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Voucher specimens were deposited in the Herbarium of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine with voucher specimen numbers assigned as DZCM 2015-045 (Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi), DZCM 2015-012 (Lonicera japonica Thunb.), DZCM 2015-013 (Forsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl), DZCM 2015-020 (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis), DZCM 2015-067 (Schizonepeta tenuifolia Briq.), DZCM 2015-039 (Scrophularia Ningpoensis Hemsl.), DZCM 2015-007 (Saposhnikovia divaricata (Turcz.) Schischk.), DZCM 2015-011 (Mentha haplocalyx Briq.), DZCM 2015-035 (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.), and DZCM 2015-068 (Belamcanda chinensis (L.) DC.).
(rhizome and radix) Belamcanda 7.3 Belamcandin chinensis (L.) DC.
He et al., "The [alpha]-glucosidase inhibiting isoflavones isolated from belamcanda chinensis leaf extract," Records of Natural Products, vol.
(2004) found that Belamcanda chinensis and the thereby purified tectorigenin possess selective estrogen receptor modulatory property.
--Blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis): Drought- and heat-tolerant with few pests, this Asian member of the iris family should be planted in spring just below the soilAAEs surface.
Experts at the University of Goettingen said that in laboratory tests, tectorigenin, obtained from roots of Belamcanda chinensis, stopped cancer cells growing and in animal tests it had slowed the spread of the cancer.
The "Blackberry Lily," Belamcanda, is a cold hardy member of the iris family that blooms with clear yellow or burnt-orange flowers that are followed by showy, long-lasting blackberry-like seed clusters.
Cheng et al., "In vitro study on the antibacterial activity of crude extract from twenty kinds of traditional Chinese medicine like Belamcanda chinensis against four kinds of fungi," Chinese Journal of Veterinary Science, vol.
Belamcanda chinensis (Iridaceae) belongs to the family of iridaceae and its rhizoma has been widely used for the treatment of throat ailment.
Belamcanda chinensis (BC) belongs to the family of iridaceae and the isoflavone tectorigenin has been isolated from the rhizome of this plant.
The effect of Isorhapontigenin (Iso) isolated from Belamcanda chinensis on respiratory burst of rat neutrophils was investigated.