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(ˈbiːlɑː) or


(Plants) an Australian casuarina tree, Casuarina glauca, yielding a useful timber
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A 52-year-old administrative assistant with Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) Kuala Kangsar died yesterday while on a National Day climbing expedition up Gunung Yong Belar near Gua Musang, Kelantan.
Tua'r pumdegau ddaeth y pickup belar, i wneud bels bach, ond y ffermwyr mawr oedd yn berchen ar y dechrau, yna daeth ambell i dyddynwr i brynu belar, a mynd allan i felio i'r llefydd bach, i enill dipyn o incwm at ei dyddyn.
The villages where land was acquired were Chhindgaon, Kumhli, Beliyapal, Bandaji, Daabpal, Bade Paroda, Belar, Dhuragaon, Sirisguda and Takarguda.
With federal and Chinese funding, three new dams were completed in the last two years: Sawad, Shadi Kaur and Belar. But none have been connected to the city through pipeline systems so far.
Ademas, al ser una zona vascofona hay una inmensa mayoria (67,20% de los fitonimos) con lexemas, prefijos o sufijos euskericos como por ejemplo odolbelar -Fraxinus excelsior L.- que se compone de odol (sangre) y belar (hierba).
Belar Electronics has unveiled its latest innovations for analog and digital AM modulation, as the RF monitoring firm has completed its updates for its legacy AMMA-2.
Odi greggi belar, muggire armenti; Gli altri augelli contenti, a gara insieme Per lo libero del fan mille giri, 10 Pur festeggiando il lor tempo migliore: Tu pensoso in disparte il tutto miri; Non compagni, non voli, Non ti cal d'allegria, schivi gli spassi; Canti, e cosi trapassi 15 Dell'anno e di tua vita il piu bel fiore (17).
To assess sperm production and sperm release patterns from the testes, adult males were dissected at the same time each morning (10.00-11.00 h) in Belar's saline (6 g NaCl, 0.2 g KCl, 0.2 g Ca[Cl.sub.2], 0.2 g [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] and water to make 1 L) at 1 d intervals following emergence (Flint & Kressin 1969).
In the early 1990s, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) championed this paradigm shift toward EBP, and it is now an element of professional training embraced across multiple professions (Collins, Leffingwell, & Belar, 2007).
MHCs also must have the training and experience necessary to participate in multidisciplinary treatment planning, assessment, and prevention programs and help conduct them (APA, 2011; APA Presidential Task Force on Integrated Health Care for an Aging Population, 2008; Belar & Deardorff, 2009).
This was soon followed by similar resolutions from Badanji, Belar and Parapur Gram Sabhas and according to media reports, over 60 villages have adopted similar resolutions banning Christianity from their villages.

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