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 (bə-lăs′kō), David 1853-1931.
American theatrical producer, director, and playwright known for his realistic stage settings and innovative lighting effects. He owned a number of theaters, at which his best-known plays, such as The Girl of the Golden West (1905), were performed.


(bəˈlæs koʊ)

David, 1854–1931, U.S. playwright and producer.
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ANNIE Belasco was just 25 when diagnosed with breast cancer.
Situated in the heart of Times Square on a block that is also home to the Hudson Theatre and the Belasco Theatre, the hotel is near major transportation hubs at 42nd Street/Times Square and the Port Authority.
Technological development and biomaterials in the recent decades have provided a breakthrough in the quality and life expectancy of patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) making use of the renal replacement therapy (RRT) (Bernardina, Diccini, Belasco, Bittencourt, & Barbosa, 2008) The use of temporary catheter for hemodialysis reflected positively in the prognosis of those patients with acute renal failure (ARF) that need immediate hemodialysis or those patients with chronic kidney disease CKD who do not have permanent vascular access.
Mafae Yunon Belasco, Public Relations and Marketing Director of MGE Inc.
The event of the show will actually begin as people assemble outside the Belasco Theater and will continue after the show's over - there might be some impromptu excursions after the show to places that might be nearby.
In a related development, Phoenix Petroleum assistant coach Nic Belasco was fined P40,000 and Rain or Shine import Shawn Taggart P30,000 for figuring in a post-game scuffle last Wednesday.
Belasco, who retired on April 1, 2016 after 30 years of service with First Midwest.
The Pilgrims face off with the Busa Warriors, coached by former PBA stars Nick Belasco and Ali Peek, at 3:30 p.
The Rocky Horror Show makes its way across the pond and opens at the Belasco Theatre on March 7 to mixed reviews.
s Belasco Theater, promises to be no less spectacular with over 400 guests expected to attend and a slate of performers that includes Power of Comedy honoree Aziz Ansari, plus Tig Notaro, Jerrod Carmichael, Moshe Kasher and Nick Kroll.
Producers of the Tony Award-winning musical revival said Monday that Hall will pull on a miniskirt and play the German transsexual Hedwig at the Belasco Theatre starting Oct.
The finale of the two and a half month long indie arts competition will take place in Los Angeles on January 13, 2013 at the Belasco Theater.