Belgian Tervuren

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Belgian Ter·vu·ren

also Belgian Ter·vue·ren  (tĕr-vyo͝or′ən, tər-)
A sheepdog of a breed developed in Tervuren, Belgium, having a long-haired, yellowish to reddish-brown coat with black markings.
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Bel′gian Ter•vu′ren

(tɛrˈvyʊər ən, tər-)
one of a Belgian breed of dogs with a long, straight brown coat, closely related to the Belgian sheepdog.
[1960–65; after Tervu(e)ren, a town E of Brussels]
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Queezle is a 13-year-old Belgian Tervuren who spent several years living in a town.
The Belgian Tervuren dog was EastEnders' longest-serving pet before he was killed off in 2008.
"He was fine with my other dog - Sadie, a Belgian Tervuren - but she's in charge.
She also trains, shows, and breeds Belgian Tervuren and is working on her canine-rehabilitation certification.
WELLARD ROBBIE Jackson's Belgian Tervuren Wellard became one of the most-loved pets in EastEnders' history.
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