Belgian block

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1.A nearly cubical block of some tough stone, esp. granite, used as a material for street pavements. Its usual diameter is 5 to 7 inches.
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Tenders are invited for Work includes, Approx 100 LF of 15" RC culvert pipe (slip joint), 100 LF of 18" reinforced concrete culvert pipe (slip joint), 120 LF of 12" PVC & 15" PVC, 175 unit of repair inlet/manhole, 175 unit of reconstructed inlet/manhole, 200 unit of new casting, including installation, 250 LF of 9"x20" concrete vertical curb, 250 LF of belgian block curb, 200 SY of concrete sidewalk, 4" thick, 30 unit of breakway barricades, 150 SF of construction signs, 25 unit of drums, 50 unit of traffic cones, 2 unit of illuminated flashing arrows, 1 LS of police traffic control, 1 LS of miscellaneous construction.
They are also developing a new parking lot with Belgian block curbs and new landscaping, which will also contribute to the aesthetics of the property.
Installation of concrete and Belgian block curb, concrete pads, sidewalk, curb ramps, detectable warning surfaces, construction of asphalt and concrete driveways, inlet installation, tree installation, installation of conduit, decorative lights, pole and foundation and restoration of the project area.
included an upgraded parking lot and grounds which feature a new free-standing signage, Belgian block curves and extensive landscaping.
The Landmarks Preservation Commission-approved reconstruction brought 20,000 s/f of Belgian block public plaza space, a new bike lane, and large planters and flower beds.
Tenders are invited for the work includes approx 2,020 cy of roadway excavation; 1,010 cy of dgabc; 5,625 sy of bituminous concrete milling; 1,325 tons of hma 19m64 base course; 1,325 tons of hma 9.5m64 surface course; 50 lf of 15" reinforced concrete pipe; 80 lf of 24"x38" reinforced concrete elliptical pipe; 5,030 sy of concrete sidewalk, ada curb ramps and driveway aprons; 3,850 lf of belgian block curb; 500 lf of concrete vertical curb; traffic markings; permanent signage; 130 lf of rigid nonmetallic conduit underground; tree removal; tree planting; and other related miscellaneous work.
Engineers will first evaluate the high-riding vehicle's stability and suspension throw in on-road trials, including challenging surfaces such as cobblestones and Belgian block, before moving to off-road development.
Comparing the track readings with those from the road, the software helped calculate a test schedule--how many passes over the Belgian block, how many through the pothole course, how many kilometers off-road would be needed--to accelerate the fatigue cycle by a factor of 100.
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