Belgian sheepdog

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Belgian sheepdog

A sheepdog of a breed developed in Belgium, having a long-haired black coat. Also called Belgian Groenendael.

Bel′gian sheep′dog

one of a Belgian breed of dogs with a long black coat and erect ears, raised orig. for herding sheep.
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Noun1.Belgian sheepdog - hardy working dog developed in Belgium for herding sheepBelgian sheepdog - hardy working dog developed in Belgium for herding sheep
sheep dog, sheepdog, shepherd dog - any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep
groenendael - black-coated sheepdog with a heavily plumed tail
malinois - fawn-colored short-haired sheepdog
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Longtime Belgian sheepdog breeder Lorra Miller, who has had dogs compete at Westminster, was initially skeptical about consumer-oriented canine DNA tests.
WHEN FRITZ, "A SPLENDID dark bay" was buried alongside Bruno, a Belgian Sheepdog, he had travelled the world and seen more of the war than most men.

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