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 (bē′lē-əl, bēl′yəl)
1. A personification of wickedness and ungodliness alluded to in the Bible.
2. One of the fallen angels who rebelled against God in Milton's Paradise Lost.


1. (Bible) a demon mentioned frequently in apocalyptic literature: identified in the Christian tradition with the devil or Satan
2. (Judaism) (in the Old Testament and rabbinical literature) worthlessness or wickedness
[C13: from Hebrew bəlīyya`al, from bəlīy without + ya`al worth]


(ˈbi li əl, ˈbil yəl)

1. the spirit of evil personified; the devil; Satan.
2. (in Milton's Paradise Lost) one of the fallen angels.
[Middle English < Late Latin < Hebrew bəliyya‘al=bəlī without + ya‘al worth, use]
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Rather, they read his comedy as the most effective medium for displaying contradictions that arise when we have all fundamentally renounced our beliel in absolutes (i.
In South Darfur, over 2,000 people were registered in Beliel Camp located in the village of that name, and which has hosted internally displaced persons in Darfur.
PORTLAND CHRISTIAN (69) - Hill 19, Cornell 14, Maltman 13, Beliel 10, Patten 7, Blake 3, Arnold 2, Clisby 1, Hutchins, Swerhone.
Estos tienen tambien una serie de representantes con distintas jerarquias y funciones: Satanel, Abadon, Samael, Beliel, Belcebu, Azazel, Mastema y Lucifer.
Separately, National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) summoned a Sudanese writer, Zeinab Beliel, and ordered the literary criticism forum she chairs to cease all activities.