v. t.1.To besmear or insnare with birdlime.
[imp. & p. p. Belimed ( ).]
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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SOUNDBITE (French) Belime Lucienne, Displaced Person:
How did the Office come to fall under the leadership of Emile Belime? What command norms did he establish at the Office du Niger, as distinct from those in the rest of French Sudan?
Belime, soon after he arrived in Africa in the 1920s, was commissioned by the French government to carry out a study on building dams on the river Niger (ibid.: 39).
Lebrun decreed the creation of the Office du Niger under the direction of Belime on an annual fixed salary of F321,000, which did not include the F500,000 insurance just in case French West Africa (AOF) decided to relinquish his services (ibid.: 70, 123).
It was expressly requested not to disturb the work of the Director-General Emile Belime (Filipovich 2001: 251), that indispensable man.
In these circumstances, this person could be no other than Belime (ibid.: 254, 255).
The absolute power of Belime was not established on the ground without resistance from administrators at all levels.
Confrontations took place in the villages between the administrator, the commander of the district (commandant de cercle) (8) and Belime, the engineer.
The administration certainly did not support this desire but Belime was no innocent bystander during the dismantling of the Upper Volta in 1933.
At the same time, the administrators' power was undermined by the heads of the big companies such as the Thies--Dakar railway, and as was exemplified by Belime, the Director-General of the Office du Niger.
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