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 (bĕl′ĭ-sâr′ē-əs) 505?-565.
Byzantine general under Emperor Justinian I who led campaigns against the Vandals in North Africa and the Ostrogoths in Italy.


(Biography) ?505–565 ad, Byzantine general under Justinian I. He recovered North Africa from the Vandals and Italy from the Ostrogoths and led forces against the Persians


(ˌbɛl əˈsɛər i əs)

a.d. 505?-565, Byzantine general.
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Noun1.Belisarius - Byzantine general under Justinian I; he recovered former Roman territories in northern Africa and fought against the Persians
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In the sixth Christian century lived Procopius, a Christian magistrate of Constantinople, in the days when Justinian was Emperor and Belisarius general.
A mantle-piece, with two modern Sevres vases, a timepiece representing Cupid with his bent bow, a mirror with an engraving on each side -- one representing Homer carrying his guide, the other, Belisarius begging -- a grayish paper; red and black tapestry -- such was the appearance of Lord Wilmore's drawing-room.
At about this period Mr Boffin had become profoundly interested in the fortunes of a great military leader known to him as Bully Sawyers, but perhaps better known to fame and easier of identification by the classical student, under the less Britannic name of Belisarius.
Hound: GCHG CH Belisarius JP My Sassy Girl, a Borzoi known as "Lucy," owned by Michele Molnar & Jamie Danburg & Minoru Kato.
It was briefly part of the Vandal Kingdom to the west, until its re-conquest by Belisarius in 533 AD.
In sixth century Byzantium, Emperor Justinian is determined to reunite the whole of the Roman Empire and his best general, Flavius Belisarius, is poised to invade Italy.
The first picture enacted by Luciane and her guests is Luciano Borzone's picture (attributed at the time, and in the novel, to Van Dyck) of the once successful general, Belisarius, blinded and reduced to beggary by his emperor, Justinian.
As he sailed down the Tigris in a steamer named the Dwarka, Townshend often wrote in his diary about his hero Belisarius, a late Roman commander of genius who took Mesopotamia from the Persians in 541AD.
Individuals come and go in the historical narrative, and some of them of exceptional character and accomplishment (Emperor Julian, Justinian's generals Belisarius and Narses, Charlemagne, Consul Rienzi) seem temporarily to halt or cancel the decline, but the process of falling is inexorable and irreversible.
It is a bad omen indeed when our fast burners haven't heard of Belisarius but are quite fluent on the gamesmanship of the various wing-level measures of organizational effectiveness.
Nighy will Wilson " But a fan, naming himself Belisarius, reasoned: "I'm sure there will be some interest, since almost every person currently alive in Britain has seen at least one episode, but itneeds plenty of good jokes and set-pieces, otherwise please leave the cast to rest in peace
Tackling a mile and a half for the first time, the 8/1 shot beat three-year-olds Belisarius and Ebeyina in convincing style to give trainer Jim Bolger back-to-back wins in the traditional feature.