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(Placename) another name for Billiton


(bɛˈli tɒŋ)

also Billiton

an island in Indonesia, between Borneo and Sumatra. 100,000; 1866 sq. mi. (4833 sq. km).
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Australian Embassy representatives today presented the innaugural Vivian Gordon Bowden Education Prize to two Bangka Belitung University students, Nova Laura and Muhammad Abdul Kadir.
These destinations are Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Belitung (Babel), Tanjung Lesung (Banten), the Thousand Islands (DKI Jakarta), Borobudur (Central Java), Mount Bromo (East Java), Mandalika Lombok (NTB), Komodo Island (NTT), Wakatobi National Park (Southeast Sulawesi), and Morotai (Maluku Utara).
He revealed Indonesia was now targeting the Middle East as a source of tourism and had earmarked at least 10 new destinations beyond the ever-popular Bali for development, such as North Sumatra, Bangka, Belitung Islands and Drawn Island.
Al-Siryufy1/2's descriptions and tales of trade with Tang China I usually supplement with a discussion of seafaring, an explaination what the hell ambergris is anyway, and a study of historically relevant material finds, especially, Alain George's wonderful study of the Belitung shipwreck discovered in Indonesia, which contains the remains of an Arabian dhow from circa CE 830.
Project Description : Construction of the Bangka-1 Coal Fired Steam Power Plant (2x100MW) located in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
One-third of the world's tin comes from the Indonesian islands of Bangka and Belitung, where thousands risk serious injury and death in the mines.
Search and recovery efforts were directed at sweeping the Karimata Strait from Belitung Island to the waters off West Kalimantan, a area with a 270-nautical-mile (500 km) radius.
He suggested beach areas in West Java, surrounded by mountains and not far from Jakarta, but also locations outside of Java including Tanjung Lesung, Belitung, Padang, Selayar and Lombok, all of them lesser known tourism destinations in Indonesia that are predestined for beach resorts but have to catch up with infrastructure development.
Reports published in Bangka and Jakarta quoted the Indonesian ambassador to Slovakia as saying that "the Slovakian government intends to build three nuclear power plant projects with 3 x 100 [sic] megawatt capacity in Indonesia, one of which will be in Bangka Belitung," with a credit line of $100 million, and that "Slovakia will be the official consulting country Indonesia will use for its experience" (Rakyat Pos 2011).
Komimitas Adat Muara Tae in East Kalimantan and Kelompok Pedtili Lingkungan Belitung in Sumatra were also among the winners.
Twelve navy ships, five planes, three helicopters and a number of warships are searching an area of east and south-east Belitung island and nearby waters, said First Admiral Sigit Setiayana, of the Naval Aviation Centre Command at the Surabaya air force base.