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 (bə-lā′, bĕ-lā′), Joachim du 1522?-1560.
French poet. A founder of a group of poets known as the Pléiade, he wrote sonnets, satires on literary conventions, and a manifesto of the group's poetic principles.


(French bɛlɛ)
(Biography) Joachim du (ʒɔaʃɛ̃ dy). 1522–60, French poet, a member of the Pléiade



Joachim du, c1525–60, French poet.
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Contract notice: supply and installation of furniture for the media library of montreuil bellay (49)
El capitulo sobre "El viajero errante" estudia la figura del heroe en numerosos autores modernos, desde Dante y Du Bellay a Seferis.
In his 1558 collection of sonnets, Les Regrets, Joachim Du Bellay proposes to write a collection of poems that would be produced spontaneously and published in no particular order:
When du Bellay sat in the barber's chair in Rome and thought of cottages in France, his mind lingered less upon his hair than on the smoky plumes which used to dance above the tiles in that other world but now glowed a brittle pewter in his mind while pocked vistas of the Coliseum's curled arches assumed the richness of an orange rind.
El numen de Quevedo y Du Bellay fecunda ese archivo entablando un dialogo con los autores del pasado.
More recently, Marie-Dominique Legrand has reopened the same dossier and revealed the art with which Du Bellay rewrote neo-Latin proverbs in French verse.
He looks at works by Du Bellay, Montaigne, Descartes, Vaugelas, Condillac, and Rivarol.
de la langue francaise, em que Du Bellay expressa os valores da ruptura
Smith wisely limits his subject matter to Rabelais on one end and Montaigne's Essais on the other, situating poetic, dispositio in Du Bellay and Belleau in the middle, along with emblematic fable books.
We have concluded that it's inappropriate for Ethiopia to maintain its troops in Somalia," Wahide Bellay, a spokesman for the Ethiopian foreign ministry, said.
This attractive volume provides a faithful modern prose translation of major works by du Bellay, including three Latin elegies written during his stay in Rome ('Romae descriptio', 'Ad P.
This year, for the first time, overseas visitors will participate as the culmination of an exchange between Conglese school Lycee Victor Augagneur and its sister school in Angers, France, Lycee Joachim du Bellay.