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 (bə-lĕr′ə-fən, -fŏn′)
n. Greek Mythology
The Corinthian hero who, with the aid of the winged horse Pegasus, slew the Chimera.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a hero of Corinth who performed many deeds with the help of the winged horse Pegasus, notably the killing of the monster Chimera


(bəˈlɛr əˌfɒn)

also Bel•ler•o•phon•tes

(bəˌlɛr əˈfɒn tiz)

a hero of Greek myth who, mounted on Pegasus, killed the Chimera.
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Noun1.Bellerophon - (Greek mythology) a mythical hero of Corinth who performed miracles on the winged horse Pegasus (especially killing the monster Chimera)Bellerophon - (Greek mythology) a mythical hero of Corinth who performed miracles on the winged horse Pegasus (especially killing the monster Chimera)
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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For Antea, wife of Proetus, lusted after him, and would have had him lie with her in secret; but Bellerophon was an honourable man and would not, so she told lies about him to Proteus.
When he had received the wicked letter he first commanded Bellerophon to kill that savage monster, the Chimaera, who was not a human being, but a goddess, for she had the head of a lion and the tail of a serpent, while her body was that of a goat, and she breathed forth flames of fire; but Bellerophon slew her, for he was guided by signs from heaven.
The king's daughter bore Bellerophon three children, Isander, Hippolochus, and Laodameia.
Great Oeneus once entertained Bellerophon for twenty days, and the two exchanged presents.
Her did Pegasus and noble Bellerophon slay; but Echidna was subject in love to Orthus and brought forth the deadly Sphinx which destroyed the Cadmeans, and the Nemean lion, which Hera, the good wife of Zeus, brought up and made to haunt the hills of Nemea, a plague to men.
Up led by thee Into the Heav'n of Heav'ns I have presum'd, An Earthlie Guest, and drawn Empyreal Aire, Thy tempring; with like safetie guided down Return me to my Native Element: Least from this flying Steed unrein'd, (as once BELLEROPHON, though from a lower Clime) Dismounted, on th' ALEIAN Field I fall Erroneous, there to wander and forlorne.
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Your lucky World War I battleships are Dreadnought and Bellerophon.
1815: Napoleon surrendered to Captain Maitland of the ship Bellerophon at Rochefort.
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