Bellingshausen Sea

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Bel·lings·hau·sen Sea

An arm of the southern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Antarctica extending from Alexander I Island to Thurston Island.

Bellingshausen Sea

(Placename) an area of the S Pacific Ocean off the coast of Antarctica
[named after Fabian Gottlieb Bellingshausen (1778–1852), Russian explorer]

Bel′lings•haus•en Sea′

(ˈbɛl ɪŋzˌhaʊ zən)
an arm of the S Pacific Ocean, W of Antarctic Peninsula.
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In West Antarctica these include the Bellingshausen Sea (named after the Russian admiral who explored the region in 1820), the Weddell Sea and the Scotia Sea where Pugh made his life-changing swim over the whale graveyard.
We flew over the Bellingshausen Sea many times during this campaign and saw that areas that are typically covered by sea ice were just open water this year, said Nathan Kurtz, IceBridges project scientist and a sea ice researcher at NASA Goddard.
3f), with anomalies over the Antarctic Peninsula, Bellingshausen Sea, and eastern Amundsen Sea more than 2.
Here there is a multitude of glaciers slipping down mountainous terrain and terminating in the Bellingshausen Sea.
Omnivory and feeding selectivity in five copepod species during spring in the Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica.
The extent of sea ice is strongly influenced by the strength and direction of the winds and the increase in storms has given more warm, northerly flow over the Bellingshausen Sea and greater cold, southerlies over the Ross Sea.
Antarctic holothuroids from the Bellingshausen Sea, with descriptions of new species (Echinodermata: Holothuroi dea).
1997), the Bellingshausen Sea (40%; Shimmield and Ritchie, 1995) and the central Arctic Ocean (~20 to several hundred percent; Moran et al.
The mark of his passage can often be seen in the imprint of his cowboy boots, several decrepit pairs of which he has buried at sea in oceans ranging from the North Atlantic to the Bellingshausen Sea off Antarctica.
We are at a critical time in the life of the storied Glacier, perhaps more difficult than any passage the storied ship has made in unforgiving environments," said Ben Koether, chairman of the Glacier Society, former Glacier navigator and discoverer of "Koether Inlet" in the Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica.
The ASL is the climatological area of low pressure located in the South Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean (SO), which comprises the Ross Sea, the Amundsen Sea, and the Bellingshausen Sea, over the latitude band 60[degrees]-70[degrees]S.
The growth has been most prevalent in the Ross Sea, while most of the Amundsen Sea and virtually the entire Bellingshausen sea had shorter seasons.