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 (bĕl′ŏk′, -ək), Hilaire Full name Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc. 1870-1953.
French-born British writer. Considered a master of light English prose, he was also known widely for his droll verse, especially The Bad Child's Book of Beasts (1896).


(Biography) Hilaire (ˈhɪlɛə, hɪˈlɛə). 1870–1953, British poet, essayist, and historian, born in France, noted particularly for his verse for children in The Bad Child's Book of Beasts (1896) and Cautionary Tales (1907)


(ˈbɛl ək, -ɒk)

Hi•laire (hɪˈlɛər) 1870–1953, English author, born in France.
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Noun1.Belloc - English author (born in France) remembered especially for his verse for children (1870-1953)Belloc - English author (born in France) remembered especially for his verse for children (1870-1953)
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You have your Belloc, your Chesterton, your Bernard Shaw--why should you read De Quincey?"
"But I do read De Quincey," Ralph protested, "more than Belloc and Chesterton, anyhow."
Salamanders are now believed to be extinct, the last one of which we have an account having been seen in Carcassonne by the Abbe Belloc, who exorcised it with a bucket of holy water.
Contract notice: renewal of the wastewater treatment system in the communes of agnac and casteljaloux - 2 lots - lot no.1 treatment plant (group 1: municipality of agnac sector ~near bourg~ - group 2: municipality of casteljaloux ~sector belloc ~) - lot no 2 collection network (municipality of agnac sector~ near the bourg ~)
1953: Hilaire Belloc, writer of many talents, died.
A Jean Racine B Hilaire Belloc C Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian D Eugene Brieux 6.
A Jean Racine B Hilaire Belloc C Jules Verne D Eugene Brieux 11.
Vicente Belloc in 1845 who also made renovations on the town's church on the same year.
Speaking to Gulf Times, deputy chief of mission Joao Carlos Belloc said these sectors in his country have the potential for solid business growth.
Reciting Hilaire Belloc's 'George Who Played With A Dangerous Toy', it was Singh's humourous tone that won him the title.
Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc, two of the most prominent English writers of the early 20th century.