belly button

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navel, umbilicus, belly button, omphalodium - The navel is also the umbilicus, belly button, or omphalodium; navel and umbilicus share the same Indo-European root.
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Noun1.belly button - a scar where the umbilical cord was attachedbelly button - a scar where the umbilical cord was attached; "you were not supposed to show your navel on television"; "they argued whether or not Adam had a navel"; "she had a tattoo just above her bellybutton"
abdomen, belly, stomach, venter - the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
point - the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"
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Linda Tervit Hildreth added: "If my belly button has shifted to the middle of my back then, yeah, I can do it.
She later discovered her old belly button had been left inside her when she had the surgery six years earlier in 2005.
Following the operation, surgeons told Mrs Jackson that they had not "created" a new belly button for her because there was not enough skin left over after the operation.
But it later emerged that they had left part of the old one inside her and, in 2011, on a flight from Portugal, Mrs Jackson noticed that there were blisters around where her old belly button had been and the area "unexpectedly burst".
According to body language expert Janine Driver, your belly button can help you get what you want in life
The snap showed a sparkling silver handled belly button brush resting inside the casing.
chief of General Surgery, Beaumont, Troy, the team removed the gallbladders of three local patients through robotic surgeries through a belly button incision of less than one inch.
However, surgeons removed her kidney through a single incision in her belly button.
The belly button according to the project head Jiri Hulcr is an ideal sampling point because it doesn't get as scrubbed and sprayed with chemicals as much other, more accessible parts.
This project choice was made because, say the scientists, belly buttons are full of germs .
Haris Rashid, Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon at the Hospital performed the surgery, Scarless surgery is a latest revolutionary technique known as single incision laparoscopic key-hole surgery, which allows for minimally invasive surgical access to internal organs through a single incision in the belly button that leaves no visible traces of a scar, Dr.