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 (bĕl′ō, bĕ′lo͝o), Carlos Felipe Ximenes Born 1948.
East Timorese Roman Catholic bishop. An outspoken critic of Indonesia's invasion and colonization of East Timor, he shared the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize with José Ramos-Horta.


(ˈbɛl oʊ)
Carlos Filepe Ximenes, born 1948, Indonesian bishop: Nobel peace prize 1996.
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Allen joined the Dallas Morning News in 1994 as an account executive and later was online sales manager for Belo Interactive. ...
Belo companies including The Providence (R.I.) Journal and Belo Interactive Media before joining the newspaper in 2009.
The largest publisher with the most experience with this sort of audience segmentation is Belo Interactive, which has 34 Web sites serving TV and newspaper properties and was one of the first to deploy the Tacoda system.
FindLaw announced an agreement to provide a comprehensive collection of legal content and resources to Belo Interactive, the Internet subsidiary of Belo.
Directors At Large (two): Jim Parker, Belo Interactive, Portland, Ore.; and Jamie Gonzales, Visalia (Calif.) Times-Delta
Moroney, who joined Belo 22 years ago and whose father was publisher of the News from 1980 to 1985, most recently had been p resident of Belo Interactive, which he founded two years ago.
Belo Interactive Inc, the Internet subsidiary of US media company Belo, and have formed a strategic partnership.
Moroney, whose father ran Belo in the 1970s and 1980s, was named publisher of the News in 2001; he started with the company in 1983, was named president of the TV group in 1997 and ran Belo Interactive from 1999-2001.
Belo," Dave Ellett, president and general manager of Belo Interactive Media, said in a statement.
Feola is chief of technology for Belo Interactive. Reach him at CFEOLA@BELO.COM.
of Dallas, Dave Ellett has been named senior vice president and general manager of the Belo Interactive Media division; most recently, he was chairman and chief executive of Powered, a builder of social-commerce web sites.