Belon oyster

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Be·lon oyster

 (bā-lōn′, -lōN)
2. A European flat oyster from the Bélon River in Brittany.
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Four restaurants include the signature Belon Oyster Bar & Grill -- complemented by a Banyan Cafe, Cabana Pool Bar and Banyan Lounge, offering a wide range of gourmet experiences.
The hotel will also feature the Banyan Tree Spa, and dining options including Belon Oyster Bar and Grill and a destination dining offering.
Highlights include crusty Belon oysters with gold Oscietra caviar, milk-fed veal tartare, Stroganoff-inspired Wagyu and Crunchy chocolate leaves.
Seafood menu includes freshly opened belon oysters, poached tiger prawns, Alaskan king crab legs, black mussels.
Each country has five-and-a-half hours to prepare a fish plate using coal fish, Belon oysters and blue mussels and a meat course using ham on the bone and the trotters of Swedish young pigs, as well as the blood or hog casing.
All the Bocuse D'Or chefs are provided with the same main ingredients - ham on the bone and pigs' trotters for the meat platter, and coley, Belon oysters and blue mussels for the fish course.
Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings as you dine at the open terrace that overlooks the Raffles botanical gardens, and treat yourselves to a five-course menu featuring Belon oysters, char- grilled swordfish, Irish grass-fed beef striploin, smoked paprika and rosemary corn fed French chicken, and grilled sea bass with wild tiger prawns.
Signature menu items at Le Pressoir dOArgent include Belon oysters sourced from Arcachon Bay and served with langoustines, Aquitaine Sturia caviar, crme aigrelette, cucumber and Belgian waffles; and a Breton blue lobster with a Barnaise sauce made from black salsify, ceps, and lobster extract from the restaurantOs namesake silver press.
Be sure to sample the Belon oysters from France or the truffles from Belgium, urges Pressofatlantic
You can stand at a counter for a plate of Belon oysters just plucked from the shores of Normandy, sit down at a checkered table cloth for sausage from Lorraine, purchase bottles of wine or tins of foie gras for your suitcase.
On the left sits the Raw Bar, with a display of Gillardeau and Belon oysters, and Alaskan king crab.