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 (bĭ-lông′ər, -lŏng′-)
n. Caribbean
A native-born island resident or a person who has been granted the status of a native-born resident: "Resentment for what many Belongers consider Britain's parsimonious attitude has rekindled a 13-year-old debate" (Maclean's).


(Peoples) a native-born Caribbean person
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Other charges range from avoidance of customs duties to handing out 'Belonger status' citizenships to entitle foreigners to purchase Crown land.
As a consequence, there were allegations of wide-spread corruption and improper practise in several areas of government responsibility, including in planning and development, with inadequate controls and conflicts of interest; immigration, with the abuse of Belonger status; land deals, particularly the improper use and disposal of Crown Land (which was investigated in a separate Commission of Inquiry headed by Blom-Cooper in 1987 [Report of the Commissioner 1987]); and the rental of property by government to its employees (Report of the Commissioner 1986, 83-88).
In recognition of his contributions to the Territory Rockefeller was granted Belonger status by the government in Sept.