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 (go͝o-rä′mē, go͝or′ə-)
n. pl. gourami or gou·ra·mis or gou·ra·mies
Any of various freshwater fishes of Southeast Asia of the families Osphronemidae and sometimes Belontiidae, capable of breathing air and popular in home aquariums.

[Malay gurami, carp, of Javanese origin.]


n, pl -mi or -mis
1. (Animals) a large SE Asian labyrinth fish, Osphronemus goramy, used for food and (when young) as an aquarium fish
2. (Animals) any of various other labyrinth fishes, such as Helostoma temmincki (kissing gourami), many of which are brightly coloured and popular aquarium fishes
[from Malay gurami]


(gʊˈrɑ mi)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -mi, (esp. for kinds or species) -mis.
any of various tropical freshwater labyrinth fishes, of Asia and Africa, esp. Osphronemus goramy, a large Oriental food fish, and others popular for home aquariums.
[1875–80; < Malay]
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Las familias con mayor numero de especies fueron: Cyprinidae con 37, Cichlidae con 35, Belontiidae con 12, Pimelodidae con 11, Characidae con 10, Salmonidae con ocho, Poeciliidae y Serrasalminae con siete.
The Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens, suborder Anabantoidie, family Belontiidae, is an air-breathing fish.
Lampsilis cardium successfully metamorphosed on six species of exotic fishes from the families Fundulidae, Poecilidae and Belontiidae (= Anabantidae), as well as on larval tiger salamanders (Table 1).