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 (bĕl′ō-rŭsh′ə, byĕl′-) or Bye·lo·rus·sia (byĕl′ō-) Popularly known as White Russia.
1. A region of eastern Europe in present-day Belarus and Poland. Settled by Slavs in the 5th century, it became a part of the grand duchy of Lithuania in the 14th century, merged with Poland in 1569, and was annexed by Russia in the 18th century. In 1921 the western part of the region was ceded to Poland, and the eastern part became the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, now Belarus.
2. See Belarus.


(ˌbjɛləʊˈrʌʃə; ˌbɛl-)
(Placename) a variant spelling of Belarus


(ˌbyɛl əˈrʌʃ ə, ˌbɛl ə-)

a former name of Belarus. Also, Byelorussia. Former official name, Belorus′sian So′viet So′cialist Repub′lic.
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Noun1.Belorussia - a landlocked republic in eastern EuropeBelorussia - a landlocked republic in eastern Europe; formerly a European soviet
CIS, Commonwealth of Independent States - an alliance made up of states that had been Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in Dec 1991
capital of Belarus, Minsk - the capital of Belarus and of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Gomel, Homel, Homyel - industrial city of Belarus to the southeast of Minsk
Pinsk - a city of southwestern Belarus
Lubavitch - a town in Belarus that was the center of the Chabad movement for a brief period during the 19th century
Dnieper, Dnieper River - a river that rises in Russia near Smolensk and flowing south through Belarus and Ukraine to empty into the Black Sea
Europe - the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe' to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles
Belorussian, Byelorussian, White Russian - a native or inhabitant of Byelorussia


[ˌbɛləʊˈrʌʃə ˌbjɛləʊˈrʌʃə ˌbɛləʊˈrʌʃə ˌbjɛləʊˈrʌʃə] nBiélorussie f
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1991: Leaders of the three republics - Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine - formed a "commonwealth of independent states" and pronounced the Soviet Union dead.
1991: Leaders of three republics - Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine - formed a "commonwealth of independent states" and pronounced the Soviet Union dead.
The Cabinet also authorized the Justice Ministry to discuss with Belorussia an agreement on judicial affairs; and authorized the Ministry of Finance to sign a draft agreement between the Kingdom and Kenya on tax evasion.
The Agreement covers the Russian, Ukraine and Belorussia territory and all Cytec Process Materials products.
a development stage company, manufactures and sells non-toxic polyurethane in North America, Europe, the Russian Federation, Belorussia, and the Kazakhstan Republic.
It is responsible for covering regions of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, the Baltic states and Finland.
German and Austrian troops had occupied all of Russian Poland and the Baltic region and were moving into Belorussia and the Ukraine.
1991: Leaders of the three republics - Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine - formed a ''commonwealth of independent states'' and pronounced the Soviet Union dead.
He pointed to the attention the government gives to joining the Eurasian Customs Union and its desire for Belorussia to provide adequate technical support to the ad hoc committee negotiating the accession to the union.
The Nazis installed Avdzej as a regional mayor in occupied Belorussia, where he aided the Germans in the arrest and execution of thousands of Jews.
One of them is Katya Shkredova from Belorussia, whose sent a selfie in which she wore a Nazi hat and captioned the photo with an explanation that she adores Hitler because of his willingness to experiment on people.
The UAE capital Abu Dhabi can expect a surge in tourism arrivals from Russia and Belorussia following a four-day familiarisation trip of the city by 120 travel agents from 20 cities in the two countries.