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Noun1.Belostomatidae - water bugsBelostomatidae - water bugs        
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
giant water bug - large water bug with piercing and sucking mouthparts; feeds on young fishes
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Moreover, 99 members of the families Belostomatidae and Naucoridae were kept alive for saliva collection (2).
A1, A2, A9, D6, D10, D12 Taeniopteryx metequi Ricker and Ross: D10 Order Hemiptera (8 families) Family Belostomatidae Belostomafluminea Say: A2, A4, A5, A8, A11, A13, A16, C2, C4, D4, D7, D11 Family Corixidae Hesperocorixa spp.
Insects included Odonata (Gomphidae, Macr omiidae), Megaloptera, Trichoptera, Plecoptera, Coleoptera (Haliplidae, Dytiscidae, Gyrinidae, Psephenidae, Dryopoidea), Ephemeroptera, Hemiptera (Corixidae, Belostomatidae, Veliidae), and Diptera (Tipulidae, Chironomidae).
Giant waterbugs of the family Belostomatidae are large aquatic hemipterans with extra-oral digestion that prey on a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates (Menke, 1979).