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a line separating a car's windows from the main bodya road or railway that circles a metropolitan area



the waistline.
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Tenders are invited for Iron Fencing And Cleaning For B-05 Belt Line, B-06 Belt Line, B-07 Belt Line & B-08 Belt Line At Man Riding Level From 9Dip To 38 Dip In R-Iii/Ii Seam Of Khottadih Colliery, Pandaveswar Area.
Santoprene can be used in weatherseals for such applications as glass encapsulation, inner belt line, outer belt line, end cap and corner molding, glass run channel, cowl vent/hood to cowl, cut line, gap filler, tailgate trunk, windshield, sunroof and roof line.
But the board in the past year has focused more on building the two rail projects - the Cotton Belt line in the northern suburbs and a second downtown Dallas light-rail route that has been dubbed D2.
It allows the pistol to ride low inside the pants with the top of the gun level with the belt line.
The company's technicians walk each belt line looking for potential problems "from the tail pulley to the head pulley and everything in between" with special emphasis on belt condition and cleaners, belt tracking issues, chute flow problems and potential safety hazards.
The two all-inclusive venues, Belt Line Station, in Durham, and Cardinal Hall in Raleigh, are the latest ventures by Dodd and Michelle Aldred, owners and founders of Triangle Catering.
The coupe version of the vehicle will be offered in metallic 'America Blue' and has an American flag motif painted on the mirrors, red and white stickers adorn the belt line on both sides, and the 16-inch wheels have a red ring around the centre caps.
Opponents of the state's recent renaming of Belt Line Road have launched a Web site and hope to begin collecting signatures by mid-June to put a measure before voters in November to rescind the controversial action.
3M has responded to changing customer requirements for high-performance abrasives by launching a new development to its successful Cubitron belt line.
The expanded belt line also includes ultra-heavy duty long belts for cool grinding on steels susceptible to cracking and nickel alloys.
For my master's thesis in architecture and city planning, I designed a system for Atlanta called the Belt Line.