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A horizontal band or molding set in the face of a building as a design element.


(Architecture) another name for cordon4


(ˈstrɪŋˌkɔrs, -ˌkoʊrs)

a horizontal band, as of stone, projecting beyond or flush with the face of a building.
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Luke Schuman, USS George Bush (CVN 77) CPI officer, with the Statapult Exercise that is conducted in the green belt course.
8220;We are very excited to introduce the Lean Six Sigma White Belt course to individuals and organizations who are interested in learning the basics of Lean Six Sigma," said Brent Drever, Acuity Institute's CEO and Chief Learning Officer.
A self-paced version of our 6 Week Six Sigma Green Belt course, this course gives you the tools and techniques essential to be an effective member of the Six Sigma Green Belt Team.
And to think, they could have taken a karate green belt course for the same money.