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1. A small toothed whale (Delphinapterus leucas) chiefly of the Arctic Ocean, having a bulbous forehead and a white body when full-grown. Also called white whale.
a. A large white anadromous sturgeon (Huso huso) of the Black and Caspian Seas, valued for its roe. Also called beluga sturgeon, whitefish.
b. Caviar made from the roe of this fish, having large grayish grains.

[Russian belukha, white whale, and beluga, sturgeon : belyĭ, white; see bhel- in Indo-European roots + -uga, -ukha, augmentative suff.]


1. (Animals) a large white sturgeon, Acipenser (or Huso) huso, of the Black and Caspian Seas: a source of caviar and isinglass. Also called: hausen
2. (Animals) another name for white whale
[C18: from Russian byeluga, from byely white]


(bəˈlu gə)

n., pl. -gas, (esp. collectively) -ga.
1. a large white sturgeon, Huso huso, of the Black and Caspian seas, valued esp. as a source of caviar.
2. Also called white whale. a small white toothed whale, Delphinapterus leucas, of northern seas, having a rounded head and upward-curving mouth.
[1585–95; < Russian]
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Noun1.beluga - valuable source of caviar and isinglassbeluga - valuable source of caviar and isinglass; found in Black and Caspian seas
sturgeon - large primitive fishes valued for their flesh and roe; widely distributed in the North Temperate Zone
Acipenser, genus Acipenser - type genus of the Acipenseridae: sturgeons
beluga caviar - roe of beluga sturgeon usually from Russia; highly valued
2.beluga - small northern whale that is white when adultbeluga - small northern whale that is white when adult
dolphin - any of various small toothed whales with a beaklike snout; larger than porpoises
belugafehér delfinviza
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And then a beluga whale flashed past, eliciting a chorus of "oohs" and "aahs" of amazement.
Lazy Bear Lodge offer a variety of them including the Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure, which runs in July and August, the Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure between October and November and Beluga Whale Dream Tour, between June and September, each taken by a guide with expertise of flora, fauna, social history and wildlife.
The approved orders will allow for further protection of eight at-risk species, this includes two whales the North Atlantic Right Whale and Beluga Whale of the St.
We examine the acoustic presence of several marine mammal species and describe a method to differentiate narwhal clicks from beluga whale clicks when repertoires overlap.
introduction was a white beluga whale, who "sing" through breathing through their blow holes.
Others include the black rhinoceros, beluga whale, common bottlenose dolphin, and the northern hairy-nosed wombat.
According to details, five international star mammals including dolphins, sea cats, and beluga whale have arrived in Pakistan from Russia to enthrall the entertainment-starved Karachiites in one-of-its-kind treat.
Apart from the humor-filled action, the trailer also gives a sneak peek into the film's new characters-including Hank the septopus, sea lions Fluke and Rudder, Bailey the beluga whale, Destiny the whale shark, and even Nemo's new friend, Becky.
Lawrence Estuary and Gulf, the beluga whale has joined the endangered species list.
html) In 2009, a beluga whale at a Chinese theme park pushed a foundering freediver to the surface after the human's legs cramped up.
SAN DIEGO (CyHAN)- Parrots are apparently not the only animals that can impersonate people: A captive beluga whale was able to spontaneously mimic human speech, according to a new study released in the United States this week.
During his career he has flown - and landed - a Harrier jump jet, swum with a Beluga whale in the Black Sea, and reported on many high-profile stories including the Chernobyl disaster.