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 (bə-lo͞o′kə, byĕ-lo͞o′KHə)
A peak, 4,506 m (14,783 ft) high, of the Altai Mountains in south-central Russia near the border of Kazakhstan. It is the highest elevation in the range.
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Resquers in East Kazakhstan region on August 15 evacuated the citizen of Russia, who received traumas in avalanche while she was climbing the Belukha mountains, the press service of the regional department of the emergency situations reported.
Kazakhstani bands Roksonaki, Aldaspan, Sharapat, Turkish band Baba Zula, Georgian virtuoso band The Shin, Yaric-Ecuador, Bashkir band Argymak, Buryat duet Namgar, a Kyrgyz singer Gulzada, an Atlai singer Bolota Bairysheva with Belukha Jam band, Radik Tyulyush, Chyltys from Mountain Shoriya and one of a kind Sainkho will perform at the festival.
Belukha, attracts increasing numbers of tourists from Russia and abroad every year, all eager to hunt, fish, raft, and explore the Siberian wilderness.
Investigations of belukha whales in coastal waters of western and northern Alaska.
Far from merely surviving, the land and sea provide them with a wealth of resources including seals, walrus, belukha whales, fish (both ocean-going and fresh water), waterfowl, small mammals, moose, musk oxen, bears, berries (from which they make the festive mixture known as akutaq), and greens.
Investigation of belukha whales in coastal waters of western and northern Alaska.
An OCSEAP study that originally focused on Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, investigations in the Gulf of Alaska (Calkins and Pitcher (5)) was "expanded to include an examination of the distribution and abundance of belukha whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in Cook Inlet" (p.