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Noun1.Bemidji - a town in northern MinnesotaBemidji - a town in northern Minnesota  
Gopher State, Minnesota, North Star State, MN - a midwestern state
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US wireless communications Verizon Wireless announced on Wednesday the availability of its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network to more customers in the greater Rochester, Minnesota area, as a well as its launch in Bemidji, Minnesota, when it expands its 4G LTE network today.
Over 1,550 young people from the States and abroad participate yearly in the programme offered by Concordia Language Villages at Bemidji, Minnesota. Waldsee is also the site of North America's first certified passive house, which uses 85 per cent less energy than a house built to the Minnesota Energy Code.
Russell was born June 21, 1921, in Bemidji, Minnesota, and grew up in Southern California's San Fernando Valley.
When Shaffer ate an enchilada, bean burrito, and chile relleno combo meal at a Mexican restaurant in Bemidji, Minnesota, in May, she had no idea that a raw egg tainted with Salmonella bacteria had contaminated her food in the kitchen.
US wireless communication services provider Verizon Wireless has announced it has activated a new cell site in Bemidji, Minnesota.
Item 3: The copyright-free editorial Web site ARAcontent offers a piece describing a new senior housing complex in Bemidji, Minnesota, aimed at becoming a paragon of green design.