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 (və-rä′nə-sē) also Be·na·res (bə-när′əs, -ēz) or Ba·na·ras (-när′əs)
A city of northeast-central India on the Ganges River southeast of Lucknow. One of India's oldest cities, it is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site with some 1,500 temples, palaces, and shrines.


(Placename) a city in NE India, in SE Uttar Pradesh on the River Ganges: probably dates from the 13th century bc; an early centre of Aryan philosophy and religion; a major place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists, with many ghats along the Ganges; seat of the Banaras Hindu University (1916), India's leading university, and the Sanskrit University (1957). Pop: 1 100 748 (2001). Former names: Benares or Banaras


(vəˈrɑ nə si)

a city in SE Uttar Pradesh, in NE India, on the Ganges River. 932,399. Formerly, Benares.


[vəˈrɑːnəsi] nVaranasi
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In the dance segment, Saurav and Gaurav (from the Benaras Gharana) will perform Kathak dance.
She chose Benaras for her fieldwork because of its historical association with the Hindi Nationalism Movement, which was instrumental in defining the standard form of Hindi.
About her saree, the designer revealed in his Instagram post that the 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' star chose to wear a red Benarasi saree from the by-lanes of Peeli Kohti in Benaras.
The identity of microfossils has subsequently been endorsed by experts from different disciplines, including Professor Jai Krishna, a leading palaeontologist from the Benaras Hindu University.
An outstanding exponent of Thumri, Tappa, Hori, Chaiti, Kajri, Tarana, Sadra, and other forms of Hindustani classical music, Devi was groomed in the tradition of the Benaras and Seniya gharanas.
Bar council of India had also reduced seats for the Law course in Allahabad university and Benaras Hindu University.
In a story of Jataka, the Nagaraja Champaka rewards the king of Benaras with a treasure of gold, silver and jewels.
That core bridge came to be scuttled when in the middle 1860s the Benaras Hindus began shifting their earlier emphasis on the use of Hindi as the exclusive language of north Indian Hindus 'to propaganda and pressure for its exclusive use, at the expense of Urdu, as the language of administration at the lower levels'.
Purandare not only projects Shivaji as a protector of the Brahminical order (which may not be true, considering the Peshwas refused to recognise him and boycotted his coronation - he had to bring in priests from Benaras to do the honours).
FUSION: THE THEME OF WSSF As the setting sun ignites the fort in softer hues, it was time to move to the Daulat Khana Chowk which is lit up to introduce guests to the fusion between Andalusian tradition personified by Francoise Atlan who represents the art of Ladino, Sephardic, and Andalusian singing and Sukhdev Prasad Mishra from the Benaras gharana.
In yet another instance of harmony, Pundit Ajay Kumar Shukla, a priest from Benaras, was stuck in a pilgrims' inn in Law Chowk during the flood.
After a childhood in Ranchi, a small town in eastern India, Badaruddin studied first in Benaras and then at the Cardiff School of Art and Design in the UK.