Bench of bishops

the whole body of English prelates assembled in council.
See under Bench.

See also: Bench, Bishop

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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| The whole Bench of Bishops of the CinW decamped to Rome during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in January.
offers an opportunity to look at the now complete Bench of Bishops of the Church in Wales and there, surely, grave questions arise.
EMAILS released to a gay cleric who was denied election as Bishop of Lla ndaff have revealed the degree of hos tility that existed towards his possible appointment in the Church in Wales' Bench of Bishops.
I promised God and some other responsible characters, including a bench of bishops, that I was not going to part my lips concerning the U.S.
During his premiership, about half of the bench of bishops became vacant, and in virtually every appointment, Palmerston took Shaftesbury's advice.
Archbishop Williams will be the first Archbishop of Canterbury since the 16th century to have been appointed from outside the bench of bishops of the Church of England, according to The Guardian.
They would be elected in the same way the Bench of Bishops choose their representatives.
He was noted for his opposition to the Kings determination to have a docile and manageable bench of bishops. During his last years, Richard was a promoter of clerical discipline and generosity to the poor.
A split emerged last year among the bench of bishops in Wales about the decision to apply for lottery money to restore old buildings.
Within anglicanism there flows a strong and nourishing stream of evangelicalism; in most dioceses there will be individual parishes where the major concern is individual salvation and the outreach to individuals; there are also influential evangelicals on the bench of bishops. The church as a whole is committed to the Decade of Evangelism, and each diocese is planning its own campaign of evangelism.
Controversially, the Bench of Bishops recently refused to appoint Jeffrey John, the gay Dean of St Albans, as Bishop of Llandaff.