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n. Sports
A substitute player on a team.


(General Sporting Terms) sport informal US a player who is usually on the bench; reserve


(ˈbɛntʃˌwɔr mər)

n. Sports.
a substitute who rarely gets to play in a game.


[ˈbentʃˌwɔːməʳ] N (US) (Sport) → calientabanquillos m
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It was more of a face-saving gesture for the Picanto, who were battered by experts for trading this year's top draft pick Chris Standhardinger to SMB for three benchwarmers.
Those who opposed the deal felt that Kia opted to give away its best chance at getting a top-caliber player for three players described as benchwarmers during their time with San Miguel.
MidcoSNs original programming also includes the Coyote Corner, Jackrabbit Journal, UND Sports Extra, The Northern Sun Experience, Inside the Summit League, Varsity Sports, Midco Sports Magazine, The Bison Basketball Show, North Dakota Hockey with Brad Berry, Benchwarmers, Dakota Destinations and Midco Motorsports.
Well, here are the stories of two of those benchwarmers.
BenchWarmers tweeted the picture yesterday as it joked about the Magpies manager's apparent career decline over the past season.
We didn't even need the benchwarmers born in England, Zimbabwe, America and Spain.
A long-standing Saturday Night Live personality, Schneider has starred in many a Hollywood flick, including the Hot Chick, Benchwarmers, and more recently, Grown Ups.
It's why benchwarmers come off the bench and high-profile trades happen midseason.
In "Recollection of a High School Benchwarmer," the author focuses on the camaraderie of a group of benchwarmers, their longings to play in the game, and the activities (makeshift bowling) they engage in as they wait.
After general chapters on the role of the coach and the rights, duties, and virtues associated with coaching, others consider specific issues, such as sports and moral character, ethical decision making, coaching philosophies, the ethics of competition, accepting undeserved advantages in competition, the moral obligation to play benchwarmers, gamesmanship and intimidation, how information from neuroscience impacts ethics in coaching, coaching youth, legal responsibilities, gender equity, safety, and recruitment.
BENCHWARMERS FIRST XI Boro's most used substitutes: 1 Szilard Nemeth (2001-06) 65 2 Adam Johnson (2004-10) 56 3 Phil Stamp (1993-2002) 53 4 Alan Kernaghan (1984-93) 53 5 Massimo Maccarone (2002-07) 47 6 Stuart Ripley (1984-92) 43 7 Robbie Mustoe (1990-2002) 42 8 Joseph Desire Job (2000-06) 38 9 Andy Campbell (1996-2002) 36 10 Craig Hignett (1992-98) 35 11 Marvin Emnes (2008-present) 34
With Rooney in midfield, Ferguson paired Michael Owen and Dimitar Berbatov, benchwarmers for most of the season, up front.