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Noun1.benefit concert - a concert given for the benefit of some charitable causebenefit concert - a concert given for the benefit of some charitable cause
benefit - a performance to raise money for a charitable cause
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RESPONDING to the letter from James M, feedback, February 11, I have to say I disagree entirely with his comments relating to Channel 5 benefit show.
12 concert, a benefit show for victims of Hurricane Sandy, reports the (http://www.
CANTER is a completely volunteer-run organization, and 100% of the Benefit Show funds go directly to helping provide veterinary care, food, board, transportation, and other transition costs for horses that need new homes.
The band's three surviving members - Page, singer Robert Plant and bassistkeyboardist John Paul Jones - were joined at the sold-out benefit show at the O2 Arena by the late John Bonham's son Jason on drums.
So it was with CounterPULSE's spring benefit show in San Francisco, which offered up a roster of 10 dance companies to raise funds for the art space's new sprung wood dance floor.
SCOTS X-Men star Alan Cumming is to take part in a benefit show to raise money for a campaign to fight America's anti-gay marriage laws.
Discounted tickets for the ``Cats'' benefit show are available in orchestra and mezzanine side sections A-H for $25, mezzanine J-N for $20 and mezzanine P-Q for $15.
Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Kiss, pounds 10, and Liquid Liner in Soot, pounds 11; BeneFit Show Offs
Acts such as Coldplay, Queen and Ms Dynamite are among the acts scheduled to perform at the Aids benefit show at Mandela's former South African prison home of Robben Island.
CFE wanted to go beyond the traditional benefit show.
More details about the benefit show, including venue and ticket information, will be released at a later date.
It is said that Jay Durias, one of the country's best and most talented musicians, has never turned down an invitation to participate in a benefit show.