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 (bĕn′ĕsh′), Edvard 1884-1948.
Czechoslovakian politician who was foreign minister (1918-1935) and president (1935-1938) until the German occupation forced him to flee the country. On his return he was again elected president (1946) but resigned after refusing to sign a Communist constitution (1948).


(Czech ˈbɛnɛʃ)
(Biography) Eduard (ˈeːduart). 1884–1948, Czech statesman; president of Czechoslovakia (1935–38; 1946–48) and of its government in exile (1939–45)


(ˈbɛ nɛʃ)

Eduard, 1884–1948, Czech patriot and statesman: president of Czechoslovakia 1935–38, 1945–48.
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