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 (bĭ-nā′), William Rose 1886-1950.
American writer and editor whose works include poetry, novels, and The Reader's Encyclopedia (1948). His brother, Stephen Vincent Benét (1898-1943), also a writer, is best known for his Civil War narrative poem John Brown's Body (1928).


vb (tr)
to trap (something) in a net


(Biography) Stephen Vincent. 1898–1943, US poet and novelist, best known for his poem on the American Civil War John Brown's Body (1928)



1. Stephen Vincent, 1898–1943, U.S. poet.
2. his brother William Rose, 1886–1950, U.S. poet and critic.
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Noun1.Benet - United States poet; brother of William Rose Benet (1898-1943)
2.Benet - United States writer; brother of Stephen Vincent Benet (1886-1950)
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