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Noun1.Benford's law - a law used by auditors to identify fictitious populations of numbers; applies to any population of numbers derived from other numbers; "Benford's law holds that 30% of the time the first non-zero digit of a derived number will be 1 and it will be 9 only 4.6% of the time"
law of nature, law - a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature; "the laws of thermodynamics"
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In his next paragraph, Huebner states, "The author ignores the clear lack of expected randomness in many of the entries of Table 1." This also is mistaken: the article addresses randomness, expected or otherwise, in the sections on the error distribution, statistical independence, Benford's law, rounding, and the systematic properties expressed by the equation for longevity.
The bizarre preponderance of numbers beginning with a one is called Benford's Law and is not entirely understood, even by mathematicians.
To determine if manipulations are occurring, a Benford's Law analysis is used.
If investigators wish to learn a more advanced method of statistical analysis, they should consider Benford's Law, which states that in lists of factual, "real life" numbers (e.g., home prices, population sizes, or electricity bills), the leading digit distributes itself in a nonuniform pattern: 1 appears as the first digit about 30 percent of the time, and larger digits occur as the leading digit with decreasing frequency, to the extent that 9 appears as the first digit less than 5 percent of the time.
It is known that Benford's law makes an important rule in dynamic systems.
This paper shows how to use an intriguing mathematical phenomenon called Benford's Law to measure the quality of the data being used for bottom-up forecasting when large numbers of customer orders are expected.
Statistical Analysis: Some numbers follow Benford's Law, which means that if you look at the distribution of first digits, 1s outnumber 2s, which outnumber 3s, and so on.
Each lesson centers on a key mathematical concept or application, with subjects including algebraic expressions and sequences, codes based on a simple fold, Benford's law, roots for divisibility tests and properties of numbers, the Farey sequences of order for fractions, interpretation of graphs, possibility tests and factors, estimation scales and units, symmetry, coordinates, averages and range, constructions, measurements, proofs, transformations, and sophisticated geometric forms.
She exhibits a textbook case of "Benford's Law of Controversy" which states: "Passion in any argument is inversely proportional to the amount of real information advanced." The gun-grabbers are poster children for Benford's Law.
Kumar, Conditional probability of actually detecting a financial fraud-a neutrosophic extension to Benford's law, International Journal of Applied Mathematics, 17(2005), No.