Bengal rose

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Noun1.Bengal rose - shrubby Chinese roseBengal rose - shrubby Chinese rose; ancestor of many cultivated garden roses
rose, rosebush - any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses
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Julie was at the entrance of the garden, where she was attentively watching Penelon, who, entering with zeal into his profession of gardener, was very busy grafting some Bengal roses. "Ah, count," she exclaimed, with the delight manifested by every member of the family whenever he visited the Rue Meslay.
A few struggling Bengal roses make shift to live as best they may, half drowned at times by the drippings from the gutterless eaves.
The death toll in floods in West Bengal rose to 100 with three more deaths reported on Friday even as the situation improved with the water level receding slowly following little or no rain and reduced water discharge from barrages.