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prop. n.1.The language spoken in Bengal.
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That gentleman would not let the Bengalee rest until he had executed his promise of having a home for Amelia and his father.
Hasina said this should be done so that no one of the Bengalee nation could forget the tradition and culture of the country.
The minister also thanked and congratulated the NCTB authority for such initiative by paying due respect to Bangabandhu, the greatest Bengalee of the thousand years.
Overweight and obesity among Adult Bengalee Hindu women of Kolkata, India.
Southern Blue-eye Pseudomugil signifer has been recorded in the Shoalhaven River 15 km upriver from Bomaderry Creek at the mouth of Bengalee Creek (Murphy pers.
A study on nutritional status and dental caries in permanent teeth among school going girls of Bengalee population, India.
Large part of it is in Sanskrit, Devbhasha, and few stanzas are in Bengalee.
Adiposity Measures and their Relationship with Metabolic Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease in Bengalee Hindu Men of Kolkata, India.
As a Bengalee I am deeply involved in all that concerns Bengalees.
Meanwhile, in November 1906, Nawab Salimullah of Dacca who earlier could not join the Simla Deputation due to an eye operation circulated another scheme for the formation of a Muslim political institution named as the All India Muslim Confederacy (The Bengalee, 1906: December 14).
Ghosh, 2004 reported central obesity and centralised subcutaneous fat had cumulatively explained 47% of the observed variance of metabolic syndrome among middle aged Bengalee Hindu men in Calcutta, India [9].
Later, the gist of the leaflet was published in Bengalee at Calcutta which contained five points: