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Noun1.Benny Hill - risque English comedian (1925-1992)
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'' Whatever the future holds for Julie she can say that, in Benny Hill, she worked with the very best and perhaps some day the whole nation will come to realise that he was just that.
THE hat and glasses worn by Benny Hill as his character Fred Scuttle are to be sold at auction.
19 Who played the Toymaker in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Benny Hill or Bernard Cribbins?
THE Benny Hill Annual, 1974 is out now on DVD and in honour of the late great Henry McGee I'm giving away TEN (each worth pounds 14.99).
JANE Leeves has come a long way since her humble entrance into showbiz as a Hill's Angel on The Benny Hill Show.
That puts Mike Riley's behaviour in an interesting light, but also presents a comical scenario of a player retreating from a situation, being pursued by a referee like something out of a Benny Hill sketch!
Others include Scott and Charlene's Neighbours wedding, The Sweeney's "Shut it" and the Benny Hill chase scenes.
It looked like a Benny Hill sketch as the bemused policeman took flight.
Benny Hill got it in the neck (yet again) for alleged "sexism" on the same channel that this week gave us Hot Tub Ranking.
A HOSPITAL consultant who behaved like a Benny Hill character with nurses yesterday escaped being struck off the medical register.
POOR Coleen McLoughlin has been under scrutiny after appearing at London restaurant Nobu with a bald patch to rival that wee slaphead bloke from Benny Hill. It was a mystery.
Cue Angus Deayton sneering at ITV Wrestling (more entertaining than he'll ever be) and Mel Sykes (greatest talent, autocue reading) expounding her views on brilliant Benny Hill.