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Noun1.Benoit Mandelbrot - French mathematician (born in Poland) noted for inventing fractals (born in 1924)Benoit Mandelbrot - French mathematician (born in Poland) noted for inventing fractals (born in 1924)
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Benoit Mandelbrot invented the term fractal in 1975 and described like imagine of a figure, a leaf for example, which reproduces itself to infinity, always the same shape but always smaller.
Clouds are Not Spheres: A Portrait of Benoit Mandelbrot the Founding Father of Fractal Geometry
For the sub-prime crisis of 2008, Goetzmann reminds us of the fractal geometry developed by Benoit Mandelbrot, which he touts over the alternative "quant" theories that led us into the 2008 crisis.
Benoit Mandelbrot's first edition in the early 1970's of The Fractal Geometry of Nature introduced me to a new type of geometry which I knew nothing about.
Asi, a partir de una lectura del cuento "El Aleph", se expondra a continuacion como la obra del argentino, a la vez que los antecede, es consistente con los fundamentos de la teoria fractal de Benoit Mandelbrot y como dialoga con la teoria de conjuntos, cuerpo de conocimiento cuyo desarrollo se dio a proposito de los aportes de Georg Cantor a la nocion de infinito y a su promulgacion de los numeros transfinitos.
Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010), often known as the "father of fractal geometry" (Gomory, 2010), revived the study of fractal geometry in the late 1960's, eventually coining the term 'fractal' (stemming from the Latin word for 'broken') in the year 1975.
Fractals was first used by the Polish-born, French-American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975.
The non-normal behavior of commodity prices was identified by Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1960s following a study of more than 100 years of cotton markets ("The variation of certain speculative prices" 1963).
Benoit Mandelbrot (known for his work with the fractals), "and very thin at the top where sit the wealthy elite.