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 (bĕn′tən), Thomas Hart 1889-1975.
American artist noted for his stylized depictions of life in the Midwest and South in paintings and murals such as The History of Missouri (1936).


(Biography) Thomas Hart. 1889–1975, US painter of rural life; a leader of the American Regionalist painters in the 1930s


(ˈbɛn tn)

1. Thomas Hart ( “Old Bullion” ), 1782–1858, U.S. political leader.
2. his grandnephew Thomas Hart, 1889–1975, U.S. painter and lithographer.
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Noun1.Benton - United States artist whose paintings portrayed life in the Midwest and South (1889-1975)
2.Benton - United States legislator who opposed the use of paper currency (1782-1858)Benton - United States legislator who opposed the use of paper currency (1782-1858)
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This quote could easily be from the Benton Foundation report, Buildings, Books, and Bytes: Libraries and Communities in the Digital Age, a study undertaken to ascertain what the public library can contribute to American society during a time of technological change (Benson Foundation, 1996).
The scholarship will be awarded to selected students who are employees of the third-generation gray and ductile iron caster or immediate family members of Benton Foundry personnel who will be enrolling in specified fields of study in associate or bachelor's degree programs.